Committee on Meetings and Expositions

The purpose of the Committee on Meetings and Expositions (M&E) is to provide opportunities to expand and connect the chemistry enterprise and is at the forefront in advancing the ACS mission. In partnership with the ACS Department of Meetings & Exposition Services (DMES), the committee researches and analyses current and emergent trends in scientific meeting planning, with a focus on content, logistics, platforms, attendee benefits, and exhibitor/sponsor advantages.  


To create a welcoming platform for connecting the global chemical enterprise.


To create, promote and enhance diverse, sustainable opportunities for networking of chemists, business exchanges by chemical product and service providers, as well as those from related disciplines, to exchange knowledge and ideas, extend the frontiers of chemistry, and develop the careers of members in a financially responsible way. 

Committee Responsibilities

M&E is empowered to provide ACS Council the most purposeful counsel on policies and practices related to meetings and exposition services. In doing so, the Society and its Divisions, Local Sections, and other external partners have the best tools and knowledge to develop and execute meetings that best serve ACS members and clients. 

M&E is also tasked with recommending to Council the dates and locations of national meetings and ACS-managed meetings including ABCChem (Atlantic Basin Conference on Chemistry) and Pacifichem (International Chemical Congress of Pacifichem Basin Societies).

Who We Are

Committee Structure

The M&E construct includes four subcommittees that complement the DMES meeting portfolio of national, regional, and specialty meetings and exposition services. Each subcommittee studies and gives guidance from its specific vantage point on meeting development and platform options including in-person, virtual, and a hybrid of the two aforementioned. 

Operations & Finance 

  • Subcommittee Chair: Kathryn Uhrich
  • Subcommittee Staff Liaison: Bethany Kashawlic, Assistant Director, Meeting Logistics, DMES 
  • Mission: To sponsor national meetings that give value to attendees and exhibitors, and are financially supportive of the national meetings.

The focus of the subcommittee is on:

  • Ensuring national meetings technical programs meet the Return on Revenue targets set by the Board of Directors
  • Conducting research and analysis to recommend national meetings advance member registration fee and incremental cost adjustment fee
  • Evaluating and determining dates and locations of future national meetings and expositions

Expositions & Industry

  • Subcommittee Chair: Barry J. Streusand
  • Subcommittee Staff Liaison: Karen Miller, Assistant Director, Exhibits & Sponsorships, DMES 
  • Mission: To have expositions at the national meetings that are valuable for both attendees and exhibitors, and that are financially supportive of the national meetings.

The focus of the subcommittee is on:

  • Marketing
  • Income, attendee/exhibitor, and meeting site analysis
  • Exhibitor and sponsorship eligibility
  • Booth specifications

Regional Meetings

  • Subcommittee Chair: Gregory P. Foy
  • Subcommittee Staff Liaison: Starleetah Gaddis-Parker, Manager, Regional Meetings, DMES 
  • Mission: To provide oversight, guidance, and support to regional meeting organizing committees and their region boards.

The focus of the subcommittee is on:

  • Supporting Local Sections in the development and execution of regional meetings
  • Determining recipients of the Regional Meeting ChemLuminary Award
  • Hosting a Region Roundtable at the fall national meetings

Technical Programming

  • Subcommittee Chair: Silvia S. Jurisson
  • Subcommittee Staff Liaison: Nikki Fisher, Manager, National Meeting Logistics, DMES 
  • Mission: To oversee the schedule, facility assignment, and guidelines for technical sessions at national meetings.

The focus of the subcommittee is on:

  • Scheduling of sessions – even programming
  • Overseeing PACS
  • Technology related to presentations
  • Electronic dissemination of meeting content
  • Rules regarding co-sponsorships
  • Distribution and formatting of the meeting program
  • Room assignments for technical sessions
  • Poster session formatting and logistics

The Technical Programming Subcommittee works in close collaboration with program chairs and members of the Divisional Activities Committee (DAC) to ensure compliance and understanding by all parties.


The M&E is one of six Standing Committees of the Council. As such, M&E is responsible to the Council and reports to the Council Policy Committee and the Council at each annual meeting of both bodies. The committee is obligated to submit an annual comprehensive report of its activities, which will become part of the official ACS record. 

The ACS President, with the advice of the Committee on Committees (ConC), appoints the M&E Chair. The term of service is one calendar year and the Chair is limited to three successive one-year terms. The M&E Chair also serves as Co-Chair of the Task Force on the Future of Meetings established in 2019 by the ACS Board of Directors. 

The ACS President-Elect, with advice from ConC, appoints all members. Total membership should be no fewer than 12 councilors and no more than 20. Each appointment is for a two-year term and service is limited to three consecutive terms. Appointments are arranged to produce rotation. M&E may also have non-voting committee associates, also appointed by the President-Elect. Members annually elect the M&E Secretary. The DMES Director serves as the M&E Committee Staff Liaison.

M&E Committee Chair: Rick Ewing

Contact Us

Send an email if you have questions or need more information about the Committee on Meetings and Expositions.

M&E Committee Staff Liaison: Robin Preston
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