Committee on Local Section Activities

What We Do

The Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC) supports all the ACS local sections in their mission to engage members and promote chemistry literacy in their community.


Providing opportunities, resources, and networks to partner with and serve diverse member communities.


Vibrant local sections enriching the lives and careers of members.

Guiding Principles/Core Values

  • Principles and values guide LSAC in executing its mission:
  • ACS's strength lies in its local sections and divisions
  • Local Sections are our customers
  • LSAC will be a peer resource to local sections
  • LSAC will emphasize direct input and dialog with sections
  • LSAC is responsible to be the point of contact with other ACS entities on behalf of local sections

LSAC Subcommittees

Joint Subcommittee on Communications & Technology and Tools 

Mission Statement: The Communications Subcommittee will provides access to and advice about communications resources that facilitate and support enriched engagement among LSAC, Local Section Leadership, and other relevant stakeholders.

Mission Statement: The Technology and Tools Subcommittee provides resources and strategies that support and promote the use of technologies and data analysis to address local section challenges and opportunities.

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Subcommittee on Grants and Awards

Mission Statement: The Grants and Awards subcommittee will promote innovative programming in local sections and recognize their accomplishments consistent with the ACS Strategic Plan.

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Subcommittee on Operations and Support

Mission Statement: The Operations and Support Subcommittee will mentor, assist, and energize Local Sections to support their members, and to enhance Local Section activities to further the mission of the ACS.

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Contact Us

Call (202) 776-8212 or send an email if you have questions or need more information about the Local Section Activities Committee.