Society Committee on Publications

What We Do  

  • The  Society Committee on Publications ( SCOP) reports both to the Board and to the Council of ACS.
  • The Committee:
    • Assesses the editorial quality and content of the publication program of the Society
    • Serves as a channel among Society members, users of the Society’s publications, and the ACS governing bodies
    • Advises on copyright policy and recommends actions to protect ACS copyright
  • Society Committees are responsible to the ACS Board on all matters related to fiscal and legal issues, and to both the ACS Board and Council on all other matters. These committees report to the Council Policy Committee, the Council, and the ACS Board at their respective meetings.
  • Learn more about the SCOP’s responsibilities.

Who We Are

  • The Society Committees may have members and committee associates other than Councilors. Appointments to  Society Committees are arranged so as to provide rotation.
  • One member is appointed each year by the ACS President, one member is appointed by the Chair of the ACS Board, and all other members are appointed jointly, with the advice of the Committee on Committees.
  • Each Society  Committee member may  serve a term of three years and are permitted up to three consecutive three-year terms on the same committee.

Contact Us

Send an email or call if you have questions or need more information about the SCOP.

Professor Christopher K. Ober
  Chair, Publications | Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) Editorial Board
Cornell University
310 Bard Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-1501
Phone: (607) 255-8417

Professor Javier Vela
University Professor and John D. Corbett Professor of Chemistry
Iowa State University
2101E Hach, 2438 Pammel Drive
Ames, IA 50011
Phone: (515) 509-5987