Committee on Committees

What We Do 

Vision Statement

ACS is served by an inclusive, effective and dynamic committee system. 

Mission Statement

To ensure the ACS committees are inclusive, optimally organized, resourced, and engaged.

Who We Are 

The committee is composed of 15 voting Councilors elected by Council, and the President-Elect as an Ex-officio member. The purview of the Committee on Committees is contained in Standing Rule III:

Section 1. 

The Committee on Committees shall be responsible for the Committees Function

a. The duties of the Committee on Committees shall include the following, inter alia: 

(1) act for the Council in the selection of the Council-related SOCIETY bodies by assisting and advising in the appointment of the chairs and members of such SOCIETY bodies; 

(2) study and make recommendations to the Council concerning the responsibilities and size of all Council-related SOCIETY bodies, including proposals to disband, create, or merge them; 

(3) coordinate the agenda and meeting times of the Standing Committees of the Council and Society Committees and assure adequate exchanges of views on issues of general concern; 

(4) make recommendations on the assignment of substantive responsibility to committees for review of petitions to amend the Constitution, and Bylaws; 

(5) appoint members to fill vacancies that have existed longer than sixty days on the Council-related SOCIETY bodies whose members or chairs are normally appointed by the President; and 

(6) participate as members of a group which acts to fill vacancies that have existed longer than sixty days on the Council-related SOCIETY bodies whose members or chairs are normally appointed jointly by the President and the Chair of the Board; all members of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors who are not appointing authorities comprise the other members of said group. 

As the need arises, ConC will form subcommittees or working groups to facilitate the work of the committee. Currently, there are three.

Subcommittee on Committee System and Structure

The subcommittee assesses committee charges and goals relative to the ACS Governing Documents, vision, and mission; identifies overlap, redundancy, and gaps relative to committee charges and activities; recommend changes, mergers, sun setting (disbanding) of committees; and identifies and improves communication between committees.

Subcommittee on Diversity, Inclusion and Respect

The subcommittee is responsible for monitoring the diversity of the ACS committee personnel, identifying problems, and making recommendations to solve them, and to cooperate with diversity committees or subcommittees of other groups within ACS, and to offer the assistance of ConC in their efforts.

Subcommittee on Leadership Development

This subcommittee develops and proposes methods for nurturing leadership development with Society governance, and provides a forum for new Chairs of Society & Council-related Committees to interact and participate in leadership development presentations and activities.


Town Hall Update for Committees: McKinley Advisors Review
On October 26, 2023, the Committee on Committees held a Town Hall for ACS Council-related Committees.

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The 2022 Committee appointments and reappointments will be announced in late November and mid-December 2020.

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