Committee on Corporation Associates

What We Do

Founded in 1952, the Board Committee on Corporation Associates (CA) is the voice of industry to the American Chemical Society. We provide guidance to develop public policy, address the needs of the chemical workforce, recognize scientific excellence, and enhance the public perception of chemistry. Our core values are safety, and diversity, equity, inclusion and respect.

CA represents the formal link between the ACS and the chemical and allied industries. It provides a corporate voice to ACS and works to ensure the society provides companies and their industrial members with resources and services needed for success. CA member companies actively support the profession and science of chemistry through participation in the committee. Each member company pays annual dues that, in part, constitute the CA Grants Fund.

CA member companies:

  • Support activities by ACS local sections, international chapters and technical divisions to promote stronger connections to industry
  • Guide ACS public policy statements of industrial relevance
  • Recognize excellence in industrial research
  • Help prepare students for work in industry
  • Discuss issues of importance to industrial research, e.g. industry roundtables
  • Build partnerships between industry and academia (and national labs).

In addition, company representatives themselves have the opportunity to network with other industry leaders.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Members of the committee have served on the teams that developed recent ACS policy statements including Science and Technology in the Budget, Workforce-Related Immigration, Chemical Risk Assessment and Regulatory Decision Making, and Safety in the Chemical Enterprise. 
  • CA drove the adoption of safety as a core value for ACS. CA helped organize ACS-wide Safety Summits and the Industrial Safety Forum, developing collaborations between industries on safety best practices.
  • CA also helped build Industry Forums, such as Pharma Leaders — a group of pharmaceutical and biotech chemistry leaders who work on pre-competitive collaborations, helping to pave the way for future success in the field.
  • CA played a pivotal role in establishing the Heroes of Chemistry. This is a premier recognition celebrating outstanding science that delivered a commercialized chemistry innovation resulting in the betterment of humankind.

Who We Are

Representatives are typically selected by management from each member company, and almost all representatives are from R&D, ranging from senior scientists to senior directors and vice presidents.

Representatives to Corporation Associates benefit from the opportunity to:

  • Meet other ACS members from industry
  • Provide their organization a clear voice within ACS
  • Build value for the chemistry enterprise
  • Celebrate scientific excellence in industry
  • Contribute to CA activities & programs
  • Participate in committees on awards, grants, communication, and industry forums
  • Develop their career

Interested in joining? Complete our application form that explains the 4 tiers of membership dues based on a company's annual sales revenues.

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Contact Us

Send an email or call 1-800-333-9511 if you have questions or need more information about the Committee on Corporation Associates.