Committee on Women Chemists

What We Do

WCC Mission

Engagement, advancement, and advocacy for women

WCC Vision

Equal representation and influence in the chemistry enterprise

WCC Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Engage and Empower. Organize and facilitate community fora, programming, and other activities for women chemists at all levels.

Goal 2: Recognize and Award. Highlight contributions and accomplishments.

Goal 3: Advocate and Promote Awareness. Foster an inclusive experience and environment within the Society; identify and dismantle barriers to equity and success.

Who We Are

The Women Chemists Committee of the American Chemical Society was established in 1927 as the Women’s Service Committee to encourage women chemists to take an active interest in Society activities. The Committee shall serve as a forum for women in chemistry and related professions; develop recommendations regarding issues of interest to women chemists; provide a means of increasing and improving participation of women in the chemical sciences and the Society; promote the recognition of women chemists; and inform the Council and other appropriate Society bodies of the Committee’s activities.

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