Committee on Science

The Committee on Science (ComSci) plays a unique role within ACS by facilitating discussion and dissemination of information on global, multidisciplinary topics that cut across the diverse units of ACS. In addition to increasing the Society’s understanding on emerging areas of chemical science and education, ComSci advises the Board on policy statements and the national recognition of extraordinary chemistry achievements.

What We Do


The ACS Committee on Science aims to engage the global chemistry enterprise to build a better tomorrow by identifying new frontiers of chemistry, examining the scientific basis of, and formulate public policies related to, the chemical sciences, and recognizing outstanding chemical scientists.


Emerging Science for the Chemistry Enterprise

ComSci draws on the expertise of ACS journal editorial boards, division leadership, federal agencies, consultants, policy experts and industry leaders to identify emerging science areas for the chemistry enterprise. A mix of roundtables, panel discussion and symposia are leveraged to engage thought leaders and produce content, which is compiled, summarized and disseminated to inform a wider audience of stakeholders inside and outside of the ACS.

Who We Are

ComSci has four subcommittees: Science and Technology, Policy, Communications and Awards. Their principal strategic goals are, respectively: to develop and implement a process to identify emerging areas of chemistry; to improve development of public policy statements relevant to the Committee’s mission; to use communication systems to engage ACS members and other stakeholders; and to advise the ACS Board of Directors effectively and efficiently to recognize outstanding scientific achievement. Learn more about ComSci subcommittees.

Events & Announcements


Fall 2023 ComSci & Cosponsored Symposia

Explore the ComSci-led and ComSci cosponsored programming at Fall 2023 on the national meeting conference platform.

Webinar: How the Chemical Complexity of Aerosols Impacts Climate and Disease

ACS Webinar Co-produced with the ACS Committee on Science.

Recorded August 2023 

Webinar: Crossroads of Chemistry: Decisions, Opportunities and Finding your Path 

ACS Webinar Co-produced with the ACS Committee on Science.

Recorded February 16, 2023

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Jitesh Soares, Staff Liaison
American Chemical Society