Sustainable Biomanufacturing at Scale: Fermentation of Animal-Free Dairy Proteins

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Large scale manufacturing of proteins for use in food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, biologics, textiles, and personal care products currently relies on costly fermentation processes that contribute to harmful greenhouse gases, consume valuable blue water, and use nonrenewable energy. What can the biotech industry learn from other fields to create new biomanufacturing processes with reduced negative environmental and financial impact?

Sunil Sukumaran is the Chief Technology Officer at Perfect Day Inc., a biotech startup that uses microflora imprinted with the DNA sequence for cow whey protein to ferment animal-free dairy protein that food makers can use to create milk, cheese, and yogurt that is functionally and nutritiously analogous to traditional dairy products. Join Dr. Sukumaran as he describes how Perfect Day leveraged their Nth Bio fermentation platform to optimize strain engineering and screening, develop sustainable upstream and downstream processes, and create flexible manufacturing that allows for nimble piloting runs before scaling up. Register now to discover how these innovations can go beyond dairy protein to improve the sustainability of biomanufacturing across the entire biotech industry.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Laura McConnell, Science Fellow, Regulatory Scientific Affairs, Bayer and Deputy Editor, ACS Agricultural Science and Technology, and is co-produced with the ACS Committee on Science.

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What You Will Learn

  • How contextual intelligence from related fields can inspire innovations in biotech that lead to more sustainable process chemistry 
  • How new fermentation processes like those used at Perfect Day to create animal-free dairy proteins will lead to more sustainable manufacturing of proteins for use in food, agriculture, biologics, textiles, personal care, and other industries 
  • Tools for real time analytics critical to the implementation of new fermentation processes at scale

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Sunil Sukumaran
Chief Technology Officer,
Perfect Day Inc.

Laura McConnell
Science Fellow, Regulatory Scientific Affairs, Bayer and Deputy Editor,
ACS Agricultural Science and Technology

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