Committee on Science Subcommittees

ComSci Subcommittee on Science & Technology

The Subcommittee on Science and Technology oversees a wide-ranging outreach effort to identify emerging multidisciplinary science frontiers that hold great promise for fostering both innovation and growing opportunities for chemistry-related scientists worldwide.

Dr. Young-Shin Jun
Science and Technology Subcommittee Chair
The Jun Group - Environmental NanoChemistry Laboratory
Washington University in St. Louis

ComSci Subcommittee on Public Policy

The Subcommittee on Public Policy examines the scientific basis of public policies related to chemistry and makes recommendations to appropriate ACS entities, particularly the Public Affairs and Public Relations Committee of the ACS Board of Directors. Through this Subcommitee, the Committee on Science plays an important role in the development, review, and revision of the following policy statements:

  • Competitive U.S. Business Climate: Innovation, Chemistry and Jobs
  • Energy
  • Forensic Science
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Scientific Integrity in Public Policy
  • Sustainability and the Chemical Enterprise
  • Visa Restrictions

View all current ACS policy statements, including the ones listed above. 

Mary Beth Kosa
Public Policy Subcommittee Chair
Saint Vincent College

ComSci Subcommittee on Communications

The Subcommittee on Communications facilitates communication to keep major stakeholders informed about ComSci activities focused on public policy, emerging areas of science, and awards.

Promote Engagement and Collaboration

The Communications subcommittee supports ComSci subcommittees who develop and recommend ACS Policy Statements, identify and disseminate area of emerging technology, and canvass and recommend outstanding chemical professionals for national level scientific awards.

ComSci key initiatives can be found in the ComSci Strategic Plan to promote engagement and involvement in ACS Leadership, Governance, Divisions, and Membership.

Diana Gerbi
Communications Subcommittee Chair
3M (Retired)

ComSci Awards Subcommittee

In order to recognize outstanding scientific achievement, the Awards Subcommittee of ComSci provides recommendations to the ACS Board of Directors for distinguished scientists of the highest caliber to be nominated for various national and international awards. These awards include: The National Medal of Science (USA), The National Medal of Technology & Innovation (USA), The Dreyfus Award in the Chemical Sciences (USA), The Grand Prix de la Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie (France), The King Faisal International Prize (Saudi Arabia), and ACS Fellows (USA). 

Emily Grumling
Awards Subcommittee Chair
Millersville University