PR Makeovers

Give your Local Section or Technical Division a public relations facelift 

The ACS Committee on Public Relations and Communications provides consultations to Local Sections, International Chemical Sciences Chapters, Technical Divisions, and other interested ACS groups. Our team of communications afficionados will craft a customized PR plan to help increase visibility and connection with your members. 

Submissions are due March 1 and August 1. 

*Please note: CPRC provides recommendations to the group. CPRC does not participate in the action items.

Get help with

Web design 

Improve your website, from small suggestions to a full redesign 

Social Media 

Improve your strategy to engage with stakeholders 


Evaluate the look and feel of your newsletter distributions


Consider how you promote your events

You will receive…

  • An infographic highlighting what’s good and what needs updating
  • A detailed document containing a customized PR plan 
  • Suggestions for areas of improvement tailored to your group
  • Actionable steps for improving your group’s communications strategy 

Interested in a PR Makeover consultation? Please complete the form. If you have any questions, contact

Testimonials from successful makeovers

It was helpful to share with the Division’s Executive Committee to outline the discussion we had with CPRC.

We overhauled our social media presence and website curb appeal … this is a great program and they provided great help.

Thank you for all your hard work putting this together. We have already started working on incorporating the recommendations.