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2021 ACS President H.N. Cheng

2021 ACS Presidential Symposia and Webinars

New Frontiers and Opportunities for Chemistry (May – August 2021)

ACS President H.N. Cheng Presents Frontier Fridays, Co-produced with the ACS Committee on Science
Presidential Symposium at ACS Fall 2021 (August 22-24, 2021)

35 distinguished speakers will share frontier research and opportunities in advanced materials, nanotechnology, catalysis, biomedical, electronics, environment, and sustainability.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Collaboration (July – August, 2021)

ACS Webinar Series on Entrepreneurship Training

A series of webinars to show how to start a new business, from business plan to organizing a company.  Useful information and tips can help you to increase the chance of success with your start-up.

Presidential Symposium at ACS Fall 2021 (August 22-24, 2021)

44 well-known and experienced speakers from academia, business, and government shared their knowledge and skills on Corporate Highlights, Business Success Factors, Funding, Government Agencies, Organizations serving Entrepreneurs, Technology Transfer, Patents, Regulatory Needs, and Case Studies of Innovation

Presidential Symposia at ACS Fall 2021 (August 2021)

Innovation/Industrial Theme

  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Industrial Collaboration Symposium (Presidential)
  • New Frontiers and Opportunities for Chemistry (ACS Committee on Science)
  • Industrial Innovations in Polymer Science  (ACS Polymer Chemistry Division)
  • Innovation Portfolio Management (ACS Division of Business Development and Management)
  • Moving Chemistry from Bench to Market  (ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry)

Sustainability Theme                       

  • Decarbonizing the Chemical Enterprise (ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses)
  • Innovative Materials for Environment sustainability (ACS Environmental Chemistry Division)
  • Sustainability in Agriculture (ACS Agro Division)
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (ACS Environmental Chemistry Division)

Resilience Theme                 

  • Resilience in Chemistry – Plenary Session (Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group)
  • Chemistry for Resilient Human Space Exploration Symposium (ACS Polymer Chemistry Division)
  • Leadership and Resiliency in the Global Chemistry Enterprise - Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of CACS (ACS Energy and Fuels Division)

Presidential Symposia at ACS Spring 2021 (April 2021)

  • Sustainability: Advances and Applications (ACS Division of Agricultural & Food Chemistry) 
  • Ideas from Mind to Market: International Collaborations for Health, Wellness and Sustainability (ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses)
  • COVID: Lessons Learned (ACS Division of Professional Relations)
  • Industrial-Academic Dialogue (ACS Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry)
  • Advancing International Chemical Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Launch, Leverage, Lead (ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses)            
  • Lessons Learned from Starting a Chemical-Related Business (ACS Division of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry)
  • Macromolecular Science at the Dawn of its Second Century (Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group)
  • Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research (ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry)
  • Chemistry and the Future of Plastics (ACS Committee on Science)
  • Plastics and the Oceans:  Chemistry for the Journey Ahead (ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement)