Accelerating Digital Research Data Products Strategic Initiative

Summary Overview:

The purpose of this strategic initiative is to design and build the technical infrastructure that will increase the reusability of primary research data associated with ACS journal articles, including improving text and data mining (TDM) capabilities. This will enable ACS to enhance its support of the chemistry enterprise by developing accessible digital research data products.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Emerge as a leader in open and accessible digital research data products.
  • Expand TDM offerings to support and enhance scientific advancement for the broader research community.
  • Develop and implement an innovative open science solution for chemical science data to improve discoverability and facilitate research reproducibility.


  • ACS will design and build the technology infrastructure to enable the delivery of digital data products in a unified manner, while supporting data discoverability and accessibility.
  • ACS will implement technical solutions to expand TDM and its adoption to further fuel new scientific discoveries and opportunities.
  • ACS will deliver the Chemistry Data Bank, along with additional data products and services, to support open science.

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