CAS Accelerating Life Sciences Growth

Summary Overview:

This strategic initiative will empower CAS to attract and serve global scientific innovators by adding content and extended capabilities specifically targeting molecular biologists and medicinal chemists. This initiative accelerates content aggregation and curation efforts that enable CAS to expand its high-quality scientific content collection, enterprise solutions and custom services in areas such as antibodies, proteomics, metabolomics and agriculture.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Increase outreach and value to the life sciences, specifically molecular biologists and medicinal chemists, in early stages of research.
  • Streamline workflows to enable faster innovation, delivering solutions to complex and challenging issues, leveraging aggregated and human curated data, enhanced technologies, and custom services.


  • Nearly one-third of the drugs approved by the FDA in 2021 were biologics, and opportunities exist for more seamless collaboration between chemists and molecular biologists to accelerate scientific discovery.
  • CAS will build on existing unique data, technology and human curation capabilities to accelerate content aggregation and delivery in the areas of bioactivity, toxicity, properties, assays, and absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination (ADME).
  • CAS is creating new content, solutions and services around biologics across a variety of scientific disciplines.

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