Paths to a Chemical Technical Career

What is a chemical technical professional?

The chemical technical professional plays a vital role in the chemistry enterprise.  They work in production, quality control, safety, and research in laboratories.
If handling chemicals, conducting experiments, and running analyses, and interpreting data appeals, consider education and training as a chemical technical professional.

Numerous specialties within chemistry include:


Environmental Services



Chemical processing

Petroleum Industry

How to become a chemical technical professional

See the different education options to become a chemical technical professional


An official permit grants permission to perform a job  by state of resident. 


Intensive courses that lead to a digital badge verifies possession of certain, specific skills. 


Short focused programs  by community colleges and professional organizations to verify a specific set of skills. 

Associate's degrees

Two year degrees granted by community colleges and some universities. 

Bachelor's degrees

May be required by some positions but most are open to those without a four year degree.

Discover the different chemistry careers 

Chemical Technician

Assist scientists or engineers with research, development and testing in labs.

Salary: $41,430 to $64,370

Medical/Clinical Laboratory Technician

Run diagnostic tests for doctors and use equipment to analyze specimens such as blood or tissue.

Salary: $40,440 to $74,920

Photographic Process Workers

Handle chemical solutions, editing negatives or prints and applying decorative coloring to materials.

Salary: $30,960 to $48,190

Quality Control Analyst

Collect and analyze samples and data that meet standards and complies with laws or regulations.

Salary: $39,360 to $65,740