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Welcome to the new education section of ACS Webinars®. The trend toward integrating technology in the classroom is growing as more educators use the internet to connect with their students and teach skills beyond the pages of a textbook. Our goal is to be the destination for educators endeavoring to connect students with chemistry in new ways. With input from educators across America, we’ve created a few resources to help you transform your classroom. As we continue to create additional resources, please share your questions and feedback with us. Also, tell us your story (we love stories)!

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We can’t wait to hear from you! Let us know what you think, share your experience using ACS Webinars in the classroom, submit suggestions for webinar topics, or ask us a question. We promise you’ll get a response from a real, live, friendly human in a reasonable amount of time. Click here to send us an e-mail. 

Featured Testimonials

Here’s what some of your colleagues are saying about ACS Webinars®:

[ACS Webinars® ] are a real valuable tool. I have found them to be very worthwhile and very helpful for students looking at the industry.
-Robert Chaffins, Professor, Ashland Community & Technical College

Just try using [ACS Webinars®] you will realize it’s very easy, reliable, clear, convenient, and relevant.
-Carlos Velazquez, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

I present a topic with [ACS Webinars®], it’s a very good starting point when you show a video, it wakes them up and makes the lecture more enjoyable.
-Angela Gonzales, Associate Professor, Interamerican University

I think that students are more in tune with what is happening through the Internet and video clips so integrating [ACS Webinars®] is a good way to deliver my lecture. 
-John Song, Professor of Chemistry, San Jose City College