Succeeding in a Global Environment—Successfully Working Across Cultures

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Culture is an all-encompassing word that spans many areas such as country, region and company. The more we observe and adapt to the environment around us, the better our chances of success.

Join Dr. Ramki Subramanian, Managing Director for DowAksa USA as he discusses what he has learned about career development from his experience in working across multiple cultures spanning different continents, countries, regions, companies, job roles, functions, and languages. He will share not only what he has learned from his achievements, but especially from his mistakes and failures.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Tom Halleran of the American Chemical Society and co-produced with ACS Careers.

What You Will Learn

  • Why there are many aspects to culture and what are some of the many similarities & differences across those aspects
  • Why your ability to work effectively across cultures is an important contributor to success
  • How your overall career is a marathon, but the environment can change rapidly, requiring you to constantly observe and adapt to the culture around you



Ramki Subramnian
Managing Director,
DowAksa USA

Tom Halleran
American Chemical Society

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