Detecting Bioterrorism: Is Chemistry Enough

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A biological attack could spread through a population quickly and have a devastating effect. An early detection system would be key to reducing a population’s chance of exposure. But how to you detect and identify an agent before people start getting sick? Dr. Kristin Omberg discusses the possibilities and problems of bioaerosol detection systems and the chemistry of keeping us safe.

What You Will Learn

  • The basics of how commonly used bioaerosol detection systems work
  • How atmospheric transport and dispersion modeling and molecular biology are combined to create systems to detect a bioaerosol attack
  • Why a confirmed laboratory result for a biothreat agent is often inconclusive
  • How chemists can better address biological terror

The Fine Print

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Meet the Experts

Kristin Omberg
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Darren Griffin
University of Kent

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