Unveiling the Mysteries Behind HPLC and GC Resolution: From Theory to Practice in 30 minutes

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High performance liquid chromatography, (HPLC) and Gas chromatography (GC) work by separating complex mixtures into individual compounds. In each process you need to separate in order to identify, quantify and purify, but without the separation, we’ve got nothing. Most chromatographers don’t understand how the separation works, and are put off by the complexity. However, there are only three variables that affect HPLC and GC separations. During this webinar, Dr. Polite will explain these variables in detail, and more importantly, he will show you how to adjust them. At the end of this webinar, YOU will be in charge of your separation!

What You Will Learn

  • How HPLC and GC work and how they can be used effectively
      for better separations and/or faster analysis times
  • The three variables that affect HPLC and GC separations: Capacity/Retention Factor, Selectivity, and Efficiency 
  • How to become an expert at this separation science by knowing what instrument condition affects each parameter


The Fine Print

ACS Webinars® does not endorse any products or services. The views expressed in this presentation are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the American Chemical Society.

Meet the Experts

Lee Polite
Axion Analytical Labs

Bryan Tweedy
American Chemical Society

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