How Industry is Diversifying the Workforce

ACS Webinars

Companies are investing heavily in support of efforts to encourage young people from underrepresented populations to pursue a STEM education and create awareness for exciting opportunities in industry.

Listen as industry representatives highlight academic support, recruitment practices,  development/mentoring programs, and advancement efforts in this regard.

This ACS Webinar features Marcus Remmers of Royal DSM, Marvin Mendoza of PPG, and Vikram Gopal of Ascend Performance Materials, is moderated by Rebekah Paul of the American Chemical Society, and is co-produced with ACS External Affairs & Communications.

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What You Will Learn

  • How companies promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in a variety of ways
  • What programs companies are using to drive change
  • Where opportunities are available for the next generation workforce within industry


ACS External Affairs & Communications


Marcus Remmers
Chief Technology Officer
Royal DSM

Marvin Mendoza
Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Vikram Gopal
Sr. Vice President, Technology
Ascend Performance Materials

Rebekah Paul
American Chemical Society

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