Product Lifecycle Analysis at Scale: Measuring the Environmental Impact of Complex Products, Supply Chains, and Industries

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Many of the products we use every day include "ecolabels" to alert consumers that the product has met a minimum criteria for sustainability during manufacturing, distribution, and even end-of-life. Scaling these practices up to measure complete supply chains, complex product lifecycles, and entire industries will help society reduce our impact on the environment, but these measurements are complex and require sophisticated modeling, cataloguing, and distribution of data to move the needle.

Join Peter Saling, Director of Sustainability Methods of BASF, Michael Overcash, Chief Executive Officer of the Environmental Genome Initiative, and Jeffrey Whitford, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Branding of MilliporeSigma as they describe innovative approaches companies are using now to increase consumer access to carbon footprint and next generation life cycle inventory data for chemicals.

This ACS Webinar is moderated by Alan Steven, Chief Scientist of CatSci and co-produced with the ACS Green Chemistry Institute.

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What You Will Learn

  • The importance of embedding sustainability into the design process for new products and providing lifecycle data beyond just carbon footprint to consumers, with real-life examples 
  • How to standardize the calculation of carbon footprints in the chemical industry, including specific examples from the PFC Guide 
  • How the Environmental Genome Initiative catalogues the many individual chemicals that go into complex products and their impacts on both human health and the planet



What an attendee said about this ACS Webinar!

Interesting to hear from different points of view, a window to key concepts I can follow up on.

Meet the Experts

Peter Saling
Director Sustainability Methods, BASF

Michael Overcash
Chief Executive Officer, Environmental Genome Initiative

Jeffrey Whitford
Head of Global Corporate Responsibility and Life Science Branding, MilliporeSigma

Alan Steven
Chief Scientist, CatSci

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