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Planning your Financial Future in the Time of COVID: Wills, Taxes & your Legacy

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According to Google Trends, Americans are researching “creating a will” more than ever before. And those who already have a will or estate plan are realizing that they cannot treat it like a printed document that just sits on a shelf. It needs to be regularly reviewed and updated.

Join Certified Financial Planner Steve Mohyla, Regional Vice President of Woodbury Financial Services, as he reveals free tips and tools to help you create a will or expand the impact of an existing will. During this free interactive broadcast, he will cover new COVID-related tax laws and explain how you can establish a legacy that will provide for family members and support charities that matter most to you.

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What You Will Learn

  • What to consider when creating or updating a will
  • How tax law changes may impact your current plans
  • How philanthropy may factor into your plans
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Steve Mohyla
Woodbury Financial Services

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American Chemical Society

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