Kitchen Chemistry—We've Got a Lot to Learn from Professional and Recreational Cooks

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You may not realize it but every time you cook in your kitchen you become a chemist. Join Matt Hartings, Professor of Chemistry at American University, during this edited recording as he talks about some of his favorite chemistry that happens over a stove, in an oven, and in all of the preparations before eating your favorite meal. In addition, he will discuss some of his favorite tricks for making great food as well as the incredibly intricate chemical transformations that our civilization has mastered without even considering the chemicals involved.

What You Will Learn

  • Why your best tool in a kitchen is patience…let kinetics be your guide!
  • Why pastries are the original 2-D materials
  • Why ingredients are meaningless unless your process is perfect...something our synthetic colleagues have a great appreciation of already!

The Fine Print

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Meet the Experts

Matt Hartings
American University

Bill Courtney
Washington University School of Medicine


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