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The Future of the Chemistry Laboratory Course

ACS Webinars

Three chemists in a lab

Chemistry lab courses require significant investments and resources. As a consequence, some students, instructors and administrators question the labs’ value, particularly for students not majoring in chemistry. Join speakers Marcy Towns of Purdue University, Justin Carmel of Florida International University, and Edgar Arriaga of the University of Minnesota as they discuss advances in educational research, insights from the recent pivot to remote learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the future of chemistry lab courses.

What You Will Learn

  • Essential skills and knowledge that students develop in (and only in) laboratory courses
  • Strategies for building laboratory curricula that develop essential knowledge and skills
  • Approaches for determining what students are gaining from laboratory experiences


Marcy Towns
Purdue University

Justin Carmel
Florida International University

Edgar Arriaga
University of Minnesota

Cealia Arnaud
Chemical & Engineering News