The Power of Hydrogen: From First Element to Green Energy Catalyst

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The term “hydrogen economy” refers to the vision of using hydrogen as a clean, low-carbon energy resource to meet the world’s energy needs, replacing traditional fossil fuels in various applications, and forming a substantial part of a clean energy portfolio. Two key developments have contributed to the growth of hydrogen energy technologies in recent years: the cost of producing hydrogen using renewable energy sources has come down and continues to fall, while the urgency of greenhouse gas emission mitigation has increased.

Join retired CEO of International Solar Electric Technology, Vijay Kapur as he discusses a comprehensive scope of hydrogen in the energy economy. During this interactive broadcast he will discuss the energy content of hydrogen compared to natural gas, its cost comparison with fossil fuels, the role of hydrogen for energy storage, as well as safety issues concerning the use of hydrogen in various applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Hydrogen production methods and its role as a transportation energy carrier in fuel cells
  • Transportation opportunities using Hydrogen and fuel cells as an energy source
  • Economic, storage, and safety issues when using hydrogen through different applications


Vijay Kapur
Retired CEO,
International Solar Electric Technology

Bill Tsuzynski
The Unami Group LLC


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