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Chemists Make the Best Homebrewers

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How does chemistry make you a better homebrewer? If you are thirsty for the answers we invite you to join us for a free round of beer chemistry featuring Nick Flynn, a Professor of Biochemistry at West Texas A&M University.

Discover the major ways that homebrew can be made and learn timely tips for getting started and improving your methods during this free interactive broadcast. Not a homebrewer? No problem, join live to understand how you can integrate brewing concepts in your chemistry discussions and classrooms.  

What You Will Learn

  • The major methods and processes of homebrewing
  • Homebrewing tips to make the perfect pint
  • How to incorporate brewing concepts into your chemistry courses


Nick Flynn
Professor of Biochemistry,
West Texas A&M University

Brian Guthrie
Corporate Research Fellow,

Co-Produced With

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