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Individual Development Plans: Understanding Yourself to Thrive Personally and Professionally

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Your self-awareness is critical as you determine how to pivot and prepare for your future in order to account for dramatic shifts in the global economy. However, studies show that many of us lack the metacognitive skills to assess ourselves accurately.

Join Steve Lee of Stanford University and Cynthia Fuhrmann of the University of Massachusetts Medical School as they discuss the basics of Individual Development Plans for recent graduates and those seeking career transitions to help increase metacognitive skills and develop a plan to thrive both personally and professionally.  

What You Will Learn

  • Basics of Individual Development Plans and an introduction to
  • Importance, challenges, and resources to grow in your self-awareness
  • Discovering patterns where you succeed and thrive
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Steve Lee
Stanford University

Cynthia Fuhrmann
UMass Medical School

Corrie Kuniyoshi
American Chemical Society