Lab Safety for Researchers: Responsibilities, Regulations, and Lessons Learned

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Researchers have a responsibility for the safe and ethical handling of chemicals they work with every day in the lab. However, they can be overwhelmed when it comes to understanding safety related laws, policies, and regulations.

What are researchers expected to know? What rules are they required to follow? What are the legal consequences if they are broken? Join program area experts Kali Miller, Mary Beth Mulcahy, and Ralph Stuart to explore the answers to these questions.

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What You Will Learn

  • The most common questions that have been asked by graduate students about legal aspects of their safety responsibilities in the lab
  • Guidelines and resources for identifying and understanding researchers’ regulatory responsibilities
  • Lessons learned about practical aspects of managing regulations in the research lab setting

Additional Safety Resources 

  • C&EN's Stereo Chemistry Podcast, Ep. 20 - Hosts Jyllian Kemsley and Matt Davenport speak to four chemists as they share their stories of lab accidents to help the scientific community become safer 
  • C&EN's Stereo Chemistry Podcast, Ep. 21 Hosts Jyllian Kemsley and Matt Davenport talk to experts about the importance of leadership, commitment, and education to transform lab safety from an exercise in compliance to a core element of the central science

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Kali Miller
American Chemical Society

Mary Beth Mulcahy
Sandia National Laboratories

Ralph Stuart
Keene State College