Creating an Inclusive and Resilient Future in Chemistry Education

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Students are leaving the chemistry enterprise and other STEM pathways at alarming rates that will disrupt workforce stability. This is even more pronounced with women and ethnic and racial minorities, which are departing at twice the rate of Caucasian and Asian students. How can we prevent this exodus in order to create an inclusive and resilient future?

Join Anthony DePass of Understanding Interventions, Michelle Claville of Hampton University, and Lourdes Echegoyen of The University of Texas at El Paso as they discuss the general landscape for STEM scholarships and successful examples of diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect (DEIR). During this free interactive broadcast, discover novel approaches, models, and pedagogies in the chemistry enterprise that advance DEIR efforts in academic and professional settings as well as other topics relevant to the upcoming Journal of Chemical Education special issue. 

This ACS Webinar is organized by Leyte Winfield, Division Chair for Natural Science and Mathematics, Spelman Collegemoderated by Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy of Louisiana State University, and co-produced with ACS Publications and ACS Education.

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What You Will Learn

  • The breadth of research that broaden the participation of individuals from groups underrepresented in STEM
  • Commentaries and evidence-based practices that might be appropriate for the JCE special issue
  • The editors for the Special Issue will host weekly office hours to answer specific questions related to the JCE special issue. Please submit questions to


Meet the Experts

Anthony DePass
Understanding Interventions

Lourdes Echegoyen
University of Texas, El Paso

Michelle Claville
Program Director,
NSF Undergraduate Programs

Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy
Assistant Dean, Diversity & Inclusion,
Louisiana State University

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