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Nature’s Dirty Little Secret: The Diverted Total Syntheses of Rhizosphere Natural Products as Targeted Antibacterial Agents

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The importance of natural products as anticancer and antibiotic compounds is undisputed due to their wide application as potent and effective pharmaceuticals. In contrast to broad-spectrum agents, the development of species-specific, “narrow-spectrum” antibacterials would be of interest to the medical community serving as novel therapeutics and also to microbiologists as chemical probes to deconvolute complex bacterial communities.

Join Bill Wuest of Emory University as he discusses how natural product total synthesis is vital for the development of next-generation antibiotics and a fruitful training platform for interdisciplinary science. During this free interactive broadcast, he will focus on recent efforts concerning the rhizosphere, the area immediately surrounding the root system of plants, where organisms produce defense compounds to aid in their survival.

What You Will Learn

  • How to apply the concept of diverted total synthesis to antibiotic development
  • Potential applications for narrow-spectrum antibiotics
  • Natural product target identification using proteomic methods
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Bill Wuest
Emory University

Cassandra Quave
Emory University School of Medicine