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Enabling Technologies for Revealing Druggable Paths in RNA Biology

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A drawing of RNA

Following completion of the human genome project, it was revealed that only ~2% of our genome encodes for proteins, and the overwhelming majority is comprised of often highly conserved non-coding RNAs. Since that time, RNA has been shown to significantly impact nearly all of human biology from transcriptional regulation to splicing, translation, RNA function, and catalysis. Accordingly, we have witnessed an explosion in discoveries connecting these RNAs with human diseases, making the search for RNA biology-targeted therapeutics ever more pressing.

Join Amanda Garner of the University of Michigan during this free interactive broadcast as she describes new technologies developed by her group for identifying small molecule inhibitors affecting non-coding RNA biology, as well as new biological discovery platforms for revealing novel druggable pathways in RNA biology.

What You Will Learn

  • Multi-faceted approaches for therapeutically manipulating RNA biology
  • Strategies for probing RNA-protein interactions in live cells and with small molecules
  • Approaches for the discovery of new RNA biology via proteomics
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Amanda Garner
University of Michigan

Matt Disney
The Scripps Research Institute