How Sustainable Chemistry is Safer Chemistry

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Should “good science” be constrained by either safer or greener practices? Furthermore, is “good science” mutually exclusive from safety and green chemistry? It can be seen that the practice of chemistry in academia has been slow in adopting greener chemistry, and in addition, safety standards in academic laboratories are perceived as less rigorous than those found in industrial settings. Join David Constable of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute in this free interactive broadcast as he demonstrates that the best science is that which incorporates safety and green chemistry into the design and practice. 

What You Will Learn

  • How inherent safety and green chemistry are more than close allies
  • Why proper design of chemistry routes and processes is essential to ensure safer, greener chemistry
  • Why we should get used to trade-offs and not let the pursuit of perfection be the enemy of the good

The Fine Print

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David Constable
ACS Green Chemistry Institute

Joe Fortunak
Howard University

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