Become a Science Advocate: How to Engage Your Elected Officials

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Communicating science to policymakers effectively has taken on new urgency. As scientists and even science itself is thrust into a place of high visibility in the U.S. popular media and in the national policy debate, it is crucial for scientists to get out of the lab and speak to their elected officials. Join ACS Immediate Past President, Allison A. Campbell and Laura Pence, a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Hartford and Member of the ACS Board of Directors, as they share why science is an invaluable component in making laws and regulations and how we can engage our elected officials with stories conveying the impact, importance, and excitement of the work that we do.

What You Will Learn

  • Why it is important that scientists speak with their elected officials and how to engage with elected officials
  • How to build a compelling message and prepare for a meeting with an elected official
  • The process for executing a successful meeting and what to expect from the visit

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Allison A. Campbell
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Laura Pence
University of Hartford

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