How to Succeed in Drug Discovery: Insight from Medicinal Chemists

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Whether it’s creating a drug candidate for the clinic or achieving a breakthrough medicine, drug discovery is one of the most challenging careers for chemists. This is in part because for a drug compound to be considered a success, it must meet many simultaneous conditions in order to impact those who suffer from illness. However, are there distinct skillsets and unique experiences that can prepare you for an accomplished career in medicinal chemistry?

Join Mark Murcko of Relay Therapeutics, Ann Weber of Kallyope, John Lowe III of JL3Pharma, and William Greenlee of MedChem Discovery Consulting, who have contributed to the success of dozens of marketed drugs throughout their exemplary careers in drug discovery, as they give their unique perspectives on what experience and characteristics are vital for medicinal chemists in Pharma.

What You Will Learn

  • Insight and Perspective on different career paths within the Pharma Industry for chemists
  • Behaviors, characteristics, and traits of successful medicinal chemists
  • Technical and soft skills ideal for each panelist's position within drug discovery and development


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John Lowe III
JL3 Pharm

Mark Murcko
Relay Therapeutics

Ann Weber

William Greenlee
MedChem Discovery Consulting

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