Can Wearable Devices Detect Health Abnormalities?

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Over 100 million fitness trackers are currently being used to monitor exercise and fitness, but what if these same devices could provide important medical data? Recently the NBA offered Oura rings to all NBA players to provide early detection of COVID-19. Apple smartwatches are used to detect atrial fibrillation. Other devices can detect hypertension and dehydration.

Join Professor (emeritus) of Pathology Lawrence Silverman of the University of Virginia during this free interactive broadcast as he discusses how these popular wearable monitors can be a source of medical data.

What You Will Learn

  • What are the common devices and what metrics do they provide
  • What is the science behind these metrics
  • What does the scientific literature report regarding these claims


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Meet the Experts

Lawrence Silverman
University of Virginia

Heather Clark
Northeastern University

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