Carnegie of Institutions of Higher Education™

The Carnegie Classification™ can help with your job search research. The system groups institutions of higher education into like categories, so you can easily find U.S. colleges and universities relevant to your search. Choose the category you're interested in to see a listing of applicable institutions. Then, find the right match for you.

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Main CategorySub-Category
Doctoral/researchResearch Universities (very high research activity)
Research Universities (high research activity)
Doctoral/Research Universities
Master'sMaster's Colleges and Universities (larger programs)
Master's Colleges and Universities (medium programs)
Master's Colleges and Universities (smaller programs)
B.A./B.S.Baccalaureate Colleges--Arts & Sciences
Baccalaureate Colleges--Diverse Fields (professional focus)
Baccalaureate/Associate's Colleges
Associate'sAssociate's--Public Rural-serving Small
Associate's--Public Rural-serving Medium
Associate's--Public Rural-serving Large
Associate's--Public Suburban-serving Single Campus
Associate's--Public Suburban-serving Multi-campus
Associate's--Public Urban-serving Single Campus
Associate's--Public Urban-serving Multi-campus
Associate's--Public Special Use
Associate's--Private Not-for-profit
Associate's--Private For-profit
Associate's--Public 2-year colleges under 4-year universities
Associate's--Public 4-year Primarily Associate's
Associate's--Private Not-for-profit 4-year Primarily Associate's
Associate's--Private For-profit 4-year Primarily Associate's
Special focusSpecial Focus Institutions--Theological seminaries, Bible colleges, and other faith-related institutions
Special Focus Institutions--Medical schools and medical centers
Special Focus Institutions--Other health professions schools
Special Focus Institutions--Schools of engineering
Special Focus Institutions--Other technology-related schools
Special Focus Institutions--Schools of business and management
Special Focus Institutions--Schools of art, music, and design
Special Focus Institutions--Schools of law
Special Focus Institutions--Other special-focus institutions
Tribal: Tribal Colleges