ACS Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

The most comprehensive salary and employment information for ACS members and new graduates in chemistry and related fields.

ACS Salary Calculator™ 

Use the ACS Salary Calculator™ 17th edition to find median-based salary data by career choice (available to members only). Data adjusted for inflation.

Salary & Employment Trends

ACS conducts annual and 5-year surveys to learn about salary, demographic, and general employment trends in chemical profession fields.

Reports based on the survey results include:

  • Salary data and information for chemists in the United States
  • Employment trends and salaries for new graduates in chemistry
  • Overall trends in the chemical enterprise

Committee on Economic & Professional Affairs (CEPA)

CEPA is charged with fostering ongoing improvements in the economic and professional status of chemical scientists. CEPA works with the Department of Career Management and Development to provide programs, services, and publications to assist chemists in making career decisions. To fulfill its mission, CEPA directs the development of these workforce reports.

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