Finding the Right Match for You

  1. Review the Carnegie Classification of Higher-Education Institutions.
  2. Indicate what you think might be the two or three best fits for you in terms of a career in higher education.  Focus on the main classifications, but keep the subcategories in the back of your mind, as appropriate.  As you think through your options, keep in mind the Focusing Questions at the bottom of this page.

Focusing Questions

  • Which kind of institution appears to be most attractive to you and most closely aligned with your values and interests?
  • Would your ideal setting be more urban, suburban, or rural?
  • Would you see yourself working at a residential campus, or one that had more of a commuter character?
  • Would you be more satisfied in a private or public institution?  How highly selective would you like the school to be?
  • Is there any special area of focus (like engineering, for example, or health care, or occupational training) that would especially appeal to you?
  • What kinds of students would you most like to work with?
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