Industry Cover Letter Example

Vanessa Lotherington
444 Clemens Ave.
Alseth, MO 63122
August 8, 20XX

Jada Lemonsifter, Ph.D.
Customer Quality Assurance Manager
XYZ Laboratories
1234 Azeala Street
Estes Park, OH 54321

Dear Dr. Lemonsifter,

After following XYZ Laboratories recent expansion in the news, I was pleased to see your advertisement for an analytical chemist (position 35872), in the August 7 issue of Chemical and Engineering News. I am very interested in working for your dynamic, growing company as you move into the biotechnology arena.

My qualifications include:

  • An M.S. in Chemistry from Juran University
  • 9 years experience as a quality control engineer with Ratcliff Pharmaceuticals, conducting stoichiometric calculations and statistical process control (Minitab)
  • Proficiency in Java programming and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Excellent communication skills, as evidenced by weekly oral status reports 
  • U.S. Citizenship

Enclosed is a copy of my resume, a publication list, and a summary of my current research for your consideration.  I look forward to your response, and can be reached at 614.555.1212 or  If I do not hear from you by September 1st, I will contact you to verify the status of my application.


Vanessa Lotherington