Values Inventory

Think about the relative importance of the values listed below in your life in general (both work and otherwise), at this particular point in your career.

As best you can, rank order the nine values, with 1 indicating the most important and 9 indicating the least important. You should do this quickly, using your first instincts.

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 Advancement (opportunity for promotion and recognition from others)
 Goal orientation (ability to be committed to and motivated by a personal objective)
 Autonomy (freedom and ability to be self-directed)
 Challenge (drive to overcome obstacles and solve problems)
 Security (stability and predictability)
 Balance (equilibrium between personal and business)
 Discovery (developing understanding for its own sake)
 Perfectionism (doing things exactly right, no matter how long it takes)
 Altruism (opportunity to contribute to the welfare of others)

Focusing Questions

After you have ranked your values, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What does your ranking suggest about the kind of career path that would be a good fit for you?
  • What does this ranking suggest about the type of organization (large or small)?
  • What does it suggest about the kind of role you might best play (research, management, project leader)?