Government - Federal Resume Worksheet

  1. Using the description of a position you are interested in, identify several of the aspects of knowledge, skills, and abilities (also referred to as KSAs) that job requires.
  2. In the table below, list as many of those KSAs as you can, and then call to mind aspects of your background that demonstrate your mastery of those KSAs. Do not forget to include volunteer activities, which can count for more in a government job application than they can for other career pathways.
  3. Incorporate these experiences into your resume, making sure to include quantitation of what you’ve done where possible, and to be as succinct as possible.
  4. For a federal resume, include your supervisor’s name and contact information for each position, whether or not that person may be contacted, and the average number of hours per week you worked. If you have held previous governmental positions, include the highest grade you reached at
    each position
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Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs)What I've Done