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  • 1320 Series jobs include all positions that require full professional education and training in the field of chemistry.  This work includes the investigation, analysis and interpretation of the composition, molecular structure, and properties of substances, the transformations which they undergo, and the amounts of matter and energy included in these transformations. The basic title for this occupation is chemist. 
  • While all federal jobs in the 1320 series require an education in chemistry, there are many other job categories that someone with a background in chemistry would be qualified for. (See the “Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families”, and the entire 1300 series for physical sciences jobs.)
    • Top Agencies for Chemists (June, 2013, according to
      • Dept of Health and Human Services           1842
        • Of those, 1136 were with the Food and Drug Administration
      • Department of the Army      644
      • Department of the Navy      567
      • Environmental Protection Agency  528
      • National Institutes of Health            515
      • Department of Agriculture  421
      • Drug Enforcement Administration 291
      • National Institute of Standards and Technology   236
      • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention         189
      • Customs and Border Protection      150
      • Department of Energy     54

Top Agencies for Chemists

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