Where to Look for Federal Positions

Jobs for Students and Grads

The federal government has a number of programs to help students and entry-level job seekers find positions with the federal government. Positions include internships, the Recent Graduates program, and the Presidential Management Fellows program. Helpful links:

Another good way to get started in the federal government is with a post-doctoral position or internship at a federal facility.  Some of these are run directly by the federal government, but many are operated by third parties on behalf of the federal government.

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Web Sources for Finding and Researching a Federal Job

  • Go Government - How to find and apply for federal jobs, how to create a federal resume, tips.
  • USA JOBS - Official website listing all government job openings, includes list of jobs by college major, places to store a federal resume.
  • OPM - Office of Personnel Management, Federal hiring FAQs, statistics on federal employment.
  • USA - Search and apply for federal, state and local governmental jobs, special info for people with disabilities, students, veterans and senior executives, information on security clearances.
  • Best Places to Work - Uses responses from current civil servants to report on employee satisfaction and commitment at 362 federal agencies and subcomponents.