Mock Interview

What is a Mock Interview?

A mock interview is the best way to prepare to speak with a potential employer. It is a 30 minute meeting with a Career Consultant via phone or in person with experience in hiring and retaining chemists in the workforce. During this time, you will have time to practice answering difficult questions as well as receive feedback on how you present in interviews. You will also be able to ask your consultant about their background, and how he or she obtained their job.

What Will You Gain?

  • A more in-depth understanding of the art of interviewing
  • More confidence regarding your skills, and an easier time tailoring your resume to your career objective.
  • Career knowledge that will better prepare you for future job interviews.
  • A professional contact who may help you within your current or future job search.

How to Conduct a Successful Interview

  • List questions before the interview and don’t be afraid to refer to them. Keep some questions open ended to stimulate discussion.
  • Inquire about the career path of the person who is interviewing you.
  • Ask questions that give you an idea of what it’s like to work there such as “What do you do during a typical workday?”
  • Ask follow up questions to gather more information and promote discussion.
  • Bring a pad and pen to take notes. It’s important to note items that you may want to ask about later.
  • Bring a printed copy of your resume for the interviewer. Don’t assume that they had the time to print a copy. 
  • Be yourself and approach the interview as a conversation. 

After the Interview

Email or come prepared with a thank-you note for the interviewer. Take some time to think about what you learned during the interview. Continue to make connections in the field you are interested in and stay in touch with your career consultant for follow up and to keep the communication open.

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