Resume Review

Your resume is a summary of your experience, knowledge and skills. It should show an employer what you’ve done, not just what you are capable of. Because your resume should cater to the position you are seeking, you may need several versions that are specific to the jobs you are applying to.

Contents of Your Resume

  • Objective – Keep this statement concise focusing on the type of position you are seeking – you are also free to leave this part out if it’s not well written, or you’re unsure on what to say.
  • Education – List degrees in order with most recent first.  Be sure to include your area of concentration.
  • Experience – Give details of your accomplishments and responsibilities rather than the list of duties that were in the job description.
  • Skills – Skills listed should be limited to: technology, computer, foreign language and any other field-specific skill sets that are applicable to the position.


At any point during your job search, you will likely be asked to provide a professional or personal reference. References are extremely helpful as they know how you work and will support your candidacy. Choosing your references is an important decision.


Examples of potential references

  • Former professors
  • Employment supervisors
  • Colleagues you’ve worked closely with
  • Volunteer leader

Be sure to let the reference know about the position(s) you are applying to, do not ask a friend or family member and if there’s hesitation to serve as a reference for you, just thank them and find another potential reference.

Reference checklist

  • Have 3-5 solid references
  • Ensure you have complete contact information for all of them
  • Share a copy of your resume and the job description you are interviewing for
  • Follow up with them to see if they’ve been contacted
  • Thank them, and let them know the outcome of your application

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