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Presenting Climate in the Classroom

bird flying into the fiery sunset above a hot, cracked earth

Carbon Footprint
An activity using chemical equations and stoichiometry to estimate carbon footprint

Global Warming in a Jar
A demo modeling the effects of temperature change on the planet

ACS Climate Toolkit
A tool to help you understand and communicate climate science

CLEAN Project
Learning resources for secondary through higher education

The King's Centre for Visualization in Science
Research and peer-reviewed interactive electronic learning tools to see and understand science.  

Climate Change Education
Demos, hands-on labs, and interactive materials to explain climate science

Climate Change Education - CAMEL
Interdisciplinary, multimedia resource for educators

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy
Empowers individuals and their communities to engage in solutions to climate change

Solve Climate by 2030
Bard College - Center for Environmental Policy

Climate Science Education & Outreach - University of Colorado NOAA

International Climate Education Consortium
Climate education, communication and outreach

Earth Ambassadors
A national community of young climate leaders

Finding Chemistry Connections in Climate Change
Ideas on how to inegrate global warming and climate change in chemistry curricula

Teaching Climate Change with Chemistry Connections
Focuses on which chemistry topics are essential to learning about climate change

Second Nature
Works to incorporate sustainability and climate science into all aspects of higher education