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Committee Members

ACS NTS Committee Chair

  • Dr. Michelle Rogers


  • Dr. Carmen Giunta
  • Dr. Sharon Haynie
  • Dr. Gail Karet
  • Dr. Maria Kriz
  • Dr. Susanne Lewis
  • Ms. Sally Mitchell
  • Prof. Graham Peaslee
  • Dr. Daniel Rabinovich
  • Dr. Jeffrey Rahn
  • Dr. Douglas Sawyer
  • Mr. Michael Sheets
  • Dr. Timothy Trygstad
  • Mr. Philip Verhalen
  • Dr. Tad Whiteside
  • Dr. Wayne Wolsey
  • Dr. Robert Yokley


  • Dr. Hayley Brown
  • Prof. Ben Haenni
  • Mr . Robert Lynch

ConC Liaison

  • Judith Iriarte-Gross

Staff Liaison

  •   Molly A. Strausbaugh