Boston 2010 ACS Council Report

August 25, 2010

The name and element symbol for element 112 has been officially accepted by IUPAC as Copernicium (Cn). During the open comment period, the committee suggested that the name would be easier to pronounce in English (and would be closer to the honoree’s name) if the last “i” was omitted in keeping with some other element names. Notice of the acceptance of the name and element symbol was published following the deadline for the Council agenda in San Francisco.

A Presidential Symposium in San Francisco on the topic of “The Kilogram and The Mole” was planned by the committee. This symposium is part of the committee’s due diligence in helping the SOCIETY understand what is happening and what it means to the practice of chemistry. Speakers addressed the proposed redefinition of all of the SI Units including the kilogram and the mole; the impact on mass spectrometry; and suggestions for making the redefinitions more relevant to the practice of chemistry. A panel discussion permitted all of the speakers and the audience to discuss the issues.

In keeping with the committee’s duty to provide liaison with non-SOCIETY national and international organizations, commissions and committees, it is making a thorough review of all such potential liaisons. It is evident that appropriate liaison opportunities far exceed the committee’s resources. This offers the committee a significant challenge as the SOCIETY is easily eliminated from considerations of many bodies due to lack of representation.

Task forces of the committee have continued their work in several areas. The list of nomenclature generation software was updated and expanded to include some OCR software for chemical structures. Wider awareness of the role of nomenclature in communications is the work of a task force on locating and promoting better access to standard nomenclature for teaching and publications. The committee’s website has been restructured and launched as part of an effort to increase communication.

Peter F. Rusch, Chair


  • Mark Benvenuto
  • Narayan G. Bhat
  • Albert C. Censullo
  • G. Clark Dehne
  • Carmen J. Giunta
  • Derek Horton
  • Bob A. Howell
  • Herbert D. Kaesz
  • Paul J. Karol
  • Warren H. Powell
  • Jeffrey A. Rahn
  • James G. Traynham
  • Jeffrey M. Wilson
  • Donivan Porterfield


  • Elise Ann Brown
  • Donald S. McLean
  • Gopal Coimbatore
  • Lisa J. Nash
  • Tracy C. Williamson
  • Gail Karet
  • Jerry Sarquis


  • Patton M. Giles
  • Anne C. O’Melia
  • John A. Secrist
  • Leslie H. Sperling

Staff Liaison: Gerald P. Fenske