Denver 2011 ACS Council Report

August 31, 2011

During the year the Committee focused its attention on both prior and new projects with significant progress in each. NTS continues to monitor developments in the redefinition of the SI Base Units reviewing the new redefinitions from CCU (Consultative Committee on Units). A full-time representative on the IEEE SCC 14 has been closely involved with the US representative to CCU. Through this non-SOCIETY committee the ACS has a more direct view of discussions with the most recent meeting confirming that the proposed redefinitions are waiting for revised values of the physical constants prior to submission of the proposed redefinitions to CGPM. Still, the Committee has concerns for the practice of chemistry and chemical education should these proposed redefinitions be adopted. A Comment on these redefinitions appeared in the May 30 issue of C&EN.

The list of nomenclature generation programs has been continuously updated and posted on the Committee’s web site. Entries include general nomenclature programs typically involving a structure drawing component followed by structure-to-name capabilities and databases searched through printed or computer files containing chemical structural information. Entries have been expanded to include internet-based applications that typically do not require any additional software on the client’s computer.

International Year of Chemistry activities included participation in a symposium on the topic of named physical constants. Half of the speakers were members of the Committee.

Members of the Committee continue their work on several IUPAC nomenclature committees with reports from each. The challenging task of a comprehensive revision of the organic nomenclature recommendations including the rules for selecting a preferred IUPAC name (PIN, for preferred index name) and comprehensive revisions or development of nomenclature for fused and bridged ring systems, von Baeyer ring systems, spiro rings, radicals and ions, phane ring systems and fullerenes. In 2004 a draft manuscript of about 1550 pages was submitted for review. Adoption and publication will be delayed until at least 2012.

A brief review of the two most common presentations of the periodic table of the elements column classification led to no strong recommendation, although the 1 - 18 numbering was preferred.

Peter F. Rusch, Chair


  • Mark Benvenuto
  • Narayan G. Bhat
  • Albert C. Censullo
  • G. Clark Dehne
  • Carmen J. Giunta
  • Derek Horton
  • Bob A. Howell
  • Paul J. Karol
  • Donald S. McLean
  • Donivan Porterfield
  • Warren H. Powell
  • Jeffrey A. Rahn
  • James G. Traynham
  • Jeffrey M. Wilson


  • David W. Ball
  • Elise Ann Brown
  • Ben B. Chastain
  • Donald S. McLean
  • Gopal Coimbatore
  • Lisa J. Nash
  • Tracy C. Williamson
  • Gail Karet
  • Michael Sheets
  • Donald Wauchope
  • Tracy C. Williamson


  • Patton M. Giles
  • Herbert D. Kaesz
  • Anne C. O’Melia
  • John A. Secrist

Staff Liaison: Gerald P. Fenske