Apply for Approval

The ACS Committee on Professional Training establishes guidelines and procedures for the approval of bachelor’s degree programs in chemistry. Staff in the Office of Professional Training are responsible for administering the ACS approval process.


Step 3.1 on page 23 of the ACS Guidelines

The first step in the application process is the completion of a pre-application.  

You may submit the pre-application form during two, 30-day periods each calendar year. Any forms received outside of these application windows will be returned.

Application Periods

  • April 16 – May 15
  • October 1 – October 30

Submit your pre-application (No additional documentation or cover letter is required)

Contact Houston Kimrey at (202) 872-4589 if you have any questions. Forms with missing information will be returned.


Review by CPT

Step 3.2 on page 23 of the ACS Guidelines

Following the submission period, CPT will review all of the completed pre-application forms that are received.


Response from Secretary of CPT

Step 3.3 on page 23 of the ACS Guidelines

Within two months of the closing deadline, the Secretary of CPT will report the outcome of CPT’s review to the department chair by letter. Two outcomes are possible.

  • The applicant does not meet the requirements covered in the pre-application form. The deficiencies will be listed in the letter to the chair. The department may submit a new pre-application after further development of the program, as soon as the next submission period, if appropriate.
  • The applicant meets the requirements covered in the pre-application form. The department will be invited to submit a full application package. The department has 12 months to complete and submit the full application package after receiving the invitation to do so.