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Enrollment for the 2016-17 school year is closed.

Step 1. Decide Your Involvement 

Chemists partner with science teachers to ignite students’ interest in science. Here are three ways you can be a Science Coach:

  • Find and select an AACT teacher member. The chemist and teacher apply together to be in Science Coaches One-on-One.
  • Apply to Science Coaches One-on-One without a teacher to be paired with one who lives nearby. (This does not guarantee a partner teacher.)
  • Apply to be a Science Coach Group facilitator. Chemists monitor contribute to an online forum of three chemistry teachers.

Step 2. Sign Up!

Enrollment for upcoming school year opens in May.
The application is a two-part process comprising applications from a chemist and partner teacher. Only after both application parts are completed will the partnership be considered for Science Coaches One-on-One (if applicable).

Step 3. Application Evaluation

Applications are evaluated to determine how well they align with the mission of the ACS Science Coaches: To help science teachers provide innovative science education to their students through the enthusiasm of a volunteer chemist.

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